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William Jackson Stone and Mary Elizabeth Smith




WILLIAM JACKSON STONE was born April 04, 1879 in Arkansas and died June 06, 1964 in Oklahoma.  He married MARY ELIZABETH SMITH. She was born Febuary 14, 1875, and died January 18, 1944.


Father: Noble L Stone

Mother: Alcey Barber

Grandfather: Little Berry Stone

Grandmother: Arsenette



        Children of William Stone and Mary Smith are:

                     i.GEORGE  W. STONE, b. August 03, 1926, Hartshorne, Oklahoma; d. July 1982, Hartshorne, Oklahoma.

                     ii.CHARLES LEROY STONE, b. October 9 1919; d. October 10, 1984; m Elwina May.

                     iii.FRED MAY STONE, b. July 14, 1922, Haileyville, Oklahoma; d. December 3, 1995; m. Christine Elizabeth Suter ,.



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Information on William Stone family provided by Bonny Stone


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