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William H Stone and  Harriet Herndon





WILLIAM H. STONE was born August 02, 1830 in Colleton Co., South Carolina, and died September 02, 1905 in Collen Co., South Carolina.  He married HARRIET HERNDON 1860 in Colleton County, South Carolina, daughter of Holland Herndon and Harriet Blocker.


Father: Little Berry Stone Jr.

Mother: Mary Ann Weekley

Grandfather: Little Berry Stone

Grandmother: Anna Brooke


        Children of William Stone and Harriet Herndon are:

                     i.  ELLA VIRGINIA STONE, b. November 28, 1861, Colleton County, South Carolina; d. July 28, 1928, Islandton, South Carolina; m. JOHN CHARLES SINEATH, November 22, 1882.

                     ii. HARRIET AMANDA STONE, b. October 03, 1863, Colleton County, South Carolina; d. April 20, 1948; m. JOHN BENJAMIN GODLEY, September 11, 1887.

                     iii.WILLIAM ALBERT STONE, b. December 20, 1865, Colleton County, South Carolina; d. January 10, 1930, Collenton County, South Carolina; m. (1) LILLIE PELLUM; m. (2) TUCKER MARY MURDAUGH, 1920.

                     iv.LUCIA ALICE STONE, b. February 09, 1867, Colleton Co., South Carolina; d. September 17, 1954, Islandton, South Carolina; m. JESSE STANCEL SINEATH, August 22, 1888.

                     v. CHARLES A. STONE, b. 1869.

                     vi.HENRY WASHINGTON STONE, b. October 15, 1870, Colleton Co., South Carolina; d. October 28, 1931, Islandton, South Carolina; m. (1) IOLA HAMMOND; m. (2) MARTHA ROSA ELLA POLK, 1900, Collen Co., South Carolina.

                     vii.JOHN MARION STONE, b. December 1876; m. NINA MURDAUGH.

                     viii.MAMIE ETTA STONE, b. April 21, 1879, Islandton, Colleton County, South Carolina; d. October 18, 1946, Islandton, Colleton County, South Carolina; m. CHARLES HENRY MURDAUGH, December 31, 1902.

                     ix.LONNIE STONE, b. May 1881.

                     x. ROSA MARELLA STONE, m. GEORGE QUILLE BISHOP, January 27, 1897.



Information on William H. Stone family contact David Stone


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