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Richard Dixon Havner



RICHARD DIXON HAVNER was born February 25, 1840 in Marion Co.,Tennessee, and died November 22, 1919 in Yell Co., Arkansas.  He married (1) CAROLINE.  He married (2) MARY B. BOJUR.


Father: Obediah Havner

Mother: Ruth Stone

Grandfather: Noble L Stone

Grandmother: Mary Simmons


        Child of Richard Havner and Caroline is:

                     i.  LEE HAVNER, b. March 18, 1873, Tennessee; d. December 21, 1964, Yell Co., Arkansas; m. ANNIE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL.


        Children of Richard Havner and Mary Bojur are:

                     ii. MAUDIE HAVNER, b. March 1887, Arkansas.

                     iii.MOSES HAVNER, b. November 26, 1888, Arkansas; d. July 05, 1891, Yell Co., Arkansas.

                     iv.HUBERT R. HAVNER, b. December 17, 1891, Arkansas; d. October 09, 1973, Yell Co., Arkansas; m. (1) LELA JONES; m. (2) EUNICE KEENER.

                     v. JOSIE M. HAVNER, b. February 1893.

                     vi.CYNTHIA HAVNER, b. February 1895.

                     vii.DORA L. HAVNER, b. February 1899.

                     viii.RICHARD HAVNER, JR., b. Abt 1904, Arkansas; d. August 24, 1964, Yell Co., Arkansas.



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