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Noble L Stone and Mary Simmons



NOBLE L STONE was born 1800 in Tennessee, and died 1863 in Newton Co. Arkansas.  He married (1) MARY SIMMONS July 20, 1816 in Tennessee.  He married (2) NANCY CROW 1850-1860.


Father: Solomon Stone Sr.

Mother: Elizabeth Ladd

Grandfather: Marbel Stone

Grandmother: Lucy Bostick



        Children of Noble Stone and Mary Simmons are:


                     i.  RUTH STONE, b. Abt 1816, Marion Co.,Tennessee; d. Abt 1860, Tennessee; m. OBEDIAH HAVNER, Abt 1833, Marion Co.,Tennessee.

                     ii. LITTLE BERRY STONE, b. 1817-1818, Tennessee or Alabama; d. May 29, 1863, Limestone, Arkansas; m. ARCINTHA, Bef 1850, Tennessee.

                     iii.ABRAHAM STONE, b. Abt 1825; d. 1863-1865, Tennessee; m. SARAH STONE, January 15, 1847.

                     iv.MARY JANE STONE, b. May 13, 1826, Lauderdale Co., Alabama; d. March 29, 1913, Montgomery Co., Arkansas; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON TEDFORD, Unknown.

                     v. SOLOMON NOBLE STONE, b. September 01, 1827, East Tennessee; d. October 20, 1893, Marystown, Johnson Co., Texas; m. SALLY ANNE BEAN, January 1853, Marion Co., Tennessee.

                     vi.JOHN STONE, b. November 03, 1829, Lauderdale Co., Alabama; d. August 1899, Boone, Co., Arkansas; m. ELIZABETH MCCORD, 1856, Boone Co., Arkansas.

                     vii.WILLIAM STONE, b. Abt 1834.

                     viii.ASHLEY GREENE STONE, b. Unknown; d. Infant.

                     ix.ELIZABETH STONE, b. Unknown; d. Tennessee; m. JOHN BLIZZARD, Unknown.

                     x. IRENE STONE, b. Unknown; d. Tennessee; m. SOLOMON GROSS.

                     xi.LUCY STONE, b. Unknown; m. TIMOTHY M TURNER.



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