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Nancy Stone and George Young Davis





NANCY STONE was born October 22, 1885 in Arkansas, and died April 05, 1960 in Arkansas.  She married GEORGE YOUNG DAVIS October 10, 1910. He was born 1877, and died March 14, 1960.


Father: John Stone

Mother: Sarah Essex

Grandfather: Little Berry Stone

Grandmother: Arsenette


        Children of Nancy Stone and George Davis are:

                     i.  DELPHIA DAVIS, b. March 11, 1912, Limestone, Arkansas; m. EARL BOEN, January 18, 1930, Limestone, Arkansas.

                     ii. EFFIE LEOIRA DAVIS, b. September 20, 1916, Limestone, Arkansas; d. March 20, 1998, Limestone, Arkansas; m. ROSCOE GORDON ACCORD, Unknown.

                     iii.OLA MAY DAVIS, b. July 13, 1932, Limestone, Arkansas; m. THOMAS LADELL HILL, August 09, 1952, Clarksville, Arkansas.

                     iv.FRANKIE MONTANA DAVIS, b. May 17, 1924, Limestone, Arkansas; m. THELMA JEAN MELSON.

                     v. ROBERT LOYD DAVIS, b. September 25, 1914; d. January 13, 1981; m. OPEL YOUNG.

                     vi.WILLIE DAVIS, b. June 15, 1920, Limestone, Arkansas; d. February 14, 1974.



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