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Mathew William Stone and Beulah Bishop




MATHEW WILLIAM STONE was born January 15, 1873 in Colleton County, South Carolina, and died June 06, 1948 in Colleton County, South Carolina.  He married BEULAH BISHOP, daughter of William Bishop and Mary Breland.


Father: Mathew Reid Stone

Mother: Elizabeth Rosa Rentz

Grandfather: Little Berry Stone Jr.

Grandmother: Mary Ann Weekley


        Children of Mathew Stone and Beulah Bishop are:

                     i.  MATHEW RAYMOND STONE, b. June 05, 1898.

                     ii. ALINA STONE, b. November 02, 1900.

                     iii.DAUGHTER STONE.

                     iv.DAUGHTER TWO STONE.

                     v. HERBERT OSCAR STONE, b. February 03, 1910.

                     vi.SON STONE.



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