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James Berry Stone





JAMES BERRY STONE was born July 12, 1856 in Coffee Co., Tennessee, and died September 04, 1940 in Bedford Co., Tennessee.  He married (1) LUCY J BLACKBURN December 24, 1879 in Tennessee.  He married (2) MARY JANE ADAMS May 27, 1891 in Tennessee, daughter of Ann Mullins.


Father: Abraham Stone

Mother: Sarah Stone

Grandfather: Noble Stone

Grandmother: Mary Simmons


        Children of James Stone and Lucy Blackburn are:

                     i.  DELLA STONE, b. January 31, 1881, Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. October 29, 1943; m. ALONZO HARRISON CARPENTER, April 27, 1911.

                     ii. JOHN BLACKBURN STONE, b. July 24, 1883, Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. October 21, 1950; m. MARY LOUISE MAGGARD.

                     iii.WILLIAM ELMER STONE, b. September 02, 1886, Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. January 09, 1888, Bedford Co., Tennessee.

                     iv.EPHRAIM OATIA STONE, b. November 17, 1888, Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. June 22, 1956; m. MAMIE ROSE CARPENTER, January 24, 1918.


        Children of James Stone and Mary Adams are:

                     v. THURSTON BANNER6 STONE, b. January 20, 1893, Wise co., Virginia; d. February 06, 1984; m. MAE BELLE WILMOTH, June 23, 1919.

                     vi.ROBERT RAYMOND LEE STONE, b. February 06, 1895, Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. August 29, 1959; m. BERDIE COBB.

                     vii.HORTON JAMES STONE, b. January 24, 1898, Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. January 14, 1970; m. RUTH BOY, August 12, 1944.



Photograph: James Berry Stone

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