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Francis Marion Stone





            Francis Marion Stone was born February 27, 1885 in Johnson County Arkansas, possibly in the Pilot Rock Township near Fort Douglas, Arkansas of that county. He moved with his father and family to Camden, Oklahoma between the years of 1890 and 1897, His sister Martha was married in Oklahoma in September of 1897. He moved again with his family to the Arch Community near Hartshorne Oklahoma after June 1900 and before June of 1910. According to his marriage license in 1913 he was of Arch, Pittsburgh County, Oklahoma. He was always known as "Mack".



Francis Marion married Martha Hurt June 27, 1913 in Blanco, Pittsburgh County Oklahoma. She was the daughter of John A. Hurt and Mary Ann Francis. Martha was born July 31, 1895 and died May 28, 1964. She is buried at Bokoshe, Oklahoma. Of this union were born four sons Willie Edward, Alvin and Calvin, twins, and John B., Hilliard Stone was an adopted son of Francis Marion, but to him he was just a son. No one in the family ever spoke of Hilliard being adopted. Calvin died at the age of one and a half.


            Francis Marion and Martha moved to Bokoshe, Oklahoma probably in the late 1910's or in the early 1920's. He was a blacksmith and had a shop out behind his house in Bokoshe. The house was a four-room house, a living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms. There were two doors on the front of the house, a porch on the front, another on the side with a well in the middle, and another porch on the back of the house. There was a cellar in the front yard just to the left of the sidewalk and a tree on the east side of the house that had a steel rod in it to hold it together from where it had started to split. 


            In 1964 Martha died and Francis Marion moved into a nursing home in Panama Oklahoma. He later moved to another nursing home in Hartshore Oklahoma where he died in September of 1973. He is buried at the cemetery at Hartshorne Oklahoma.


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Francis Marion Stone