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Francis Marian Stone and Mary Ann Hawkins



FRANCIS MARIAN STONE was born November 25, 1843 in Coffee Co., Tennessee, and died March 21, 1917 in Delina, Marshall Co. Tennessee.  He married MARY ANN HAWKINS January 15, 1865, daughter of Johnathan Hawkins and Elizabeth Green.


Father: William Kerry H. Stone

Mother: Anna Ladd*

Grandfather: Amos Ladd, Jr.

Grandmother: Anna Stone



        Children of Francis Stone and Mary Hawkins are:

                     i.  ELIZABETH STONE, b. February 1867.

                     ii. HENRY ALBERT STONE, b. June 1869, Manchester, Coffee Co., Tennessee; d. Aft 1900; m. SUPRONIA JANE BAUCAM.

                     iii.LETZIA ANN VIRGINIA STONE, b. April 14, 1872, Coffee Co., Tennessee; d. 1953; m. JACOB LAWSON KIRK, June 11, 1889, Coffee Co., Tennessee.

                     iv.MARTHA ANN STONE, b. September 1873; d. 1944; m. (1) JAMES THORNBERRY; m. (2) LENSEY LAMAY.

                     v. DOCIE ELLEN STONE, b. April 1876; d. February 1967; m. (1) BARTY FOSTER; m. (2) BUTLER.

                     vi.MARY F MOLLY STONE, b. December 1878; d. September 1958; m. SAMUEL REDDON.

                     vii.SUZIE DEDRICK STONE, b. August 1880; d. July 1955, Waco, Texas; m. JAMES ROBER MORRIS.

                     viii.JUDA STONE, b. February 1886; d. June 1969; m. FRANKLIN.

                     ix.JOHN T STONE, b. April 1886; d. June 1925.

                     x. JAMES CURRY STONE, b. August 01, 1890; d. June 24, 1970, Lewisburg, Marshall Co. Tennessee; m. ESTER MAE HAISLIP, December 25, 1910, Tennessee.




Photograph Francis Marian Stone

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