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Elisha Rand McAnally and Feriba Bowden





Elisha Rand McAnally  was born 1794, and died 1873 in Wayne Co., Tennessee.  He married Feriba Bowden December 29, 1824, daughter of John Bowden and Anna Blackburn.  She was born 1807 in Orlethorpe Co., Georgia, and died 1856 in Wayne Co., Tennessee.



Father: John McAnally

Mother: Anna Stone

Paternal Grandfather: Charles McAnally

Paternal Grandmother: Ruhamah Houston

Maternal Grandfather: Marble Stone

Maternal Grandmother: Lucy Bostick


Children of Elisha McAnally and Feriba Bowden are:

                           i.    Francis M McAnally.  He married Margaret Dame.

                          ii.    Mary Ann McAnally.  She married Joseph Staggs.

                         iii.    Jane McAnally.  She married Jerimiah Robinett.

                         iv.    James E M McAnally.  He married Francis Robinett.

                          v.    Saphrony McAnally.

                         vi.    William McAnally.

                        vii.    John McAnally.  He married Ophelia Halsford.

                       viii.    Harrison H McAnally.

                          ix.    Franklin McAnally.  He married Francis A Crews.

                           x.    Elisha Banner McAnally.  He married Melinda Caledona Collard.

                          xi.    Gibson Taylor McAnally.  He married Emily Ann Morgan.

xii.     Martha Louisa McAnally, born 1852; died 1934.  She married Robert Saint Chambers; died in Tennessee.



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